Examination Rules








2.0           Guidelines for Candidates


          Candidates are strictly advised:


  1. To avoid bringing foreign materials into examination rooms. Foreign materials include, but are not limited to, books, papers, sketches, programmable calculators, mobile phones, ladies’ purse, information written on skirts, or inner thighs, in handkerchiefs or in the palms.
  2. That no answer booklet or supplementary sheet, used or unused, shall be taken from the examination hall, before, during or after the examination.
  3. That there should be no verbal or any other form of communication between candidates during the examination.
  4. Not to seek unauthorized assistance from Chief Invigilators, invigilators, or other personalities.
  5. Not to put on attire which will give room for suspicion e.g. smock, agbada, jackets (coat), caps.
  6. To refrain from calling invigilators for assistance. Candidates should rather raise their hand to invite the supervisor.


3.0  Procedures during the Examination


  1. Candidates are to sit according to their index numbers, unless otherwise instructed by the invigilator.
  2. Candidates must ensure that they sign the attendance sheet.
  3. On receipt of answer booklets, candidates should read carefully the instructions on the front cover of the answer booklets and enter the index number and other details as required.
  4. No part of the answer booklet may be torn off.
  5. The invigilator must go round and collect answer booklets.
  6. No rough work must be done on the question paper.
  7. All rough work must be done in the answer booklet and neatly crossed out.

viii. It shall be the candidates’ responsibility to provide for themselves such materials as pencils, erasers, ruler or calculator. Borrowing of these materials will not be allowed.

  1. Under no circumstances must correcting fluid be used in the answer booklet
  2. Candidates must ensure that they are given the right question paper and other material(s) as needed for the examination.
  3. Under no circumstances should a candidate write her/his name in any part of the answer booklet provided. Candidates are required to use only their index numbers throughout the examination.
  4. Candidates must ensure that they provide their particulars on the front cover of the answer booklet before the question papers are distributed.

xiii.  No extra time will be specially allocated for reading through question papers or studying maps, etc. unless the rubrics say otherwise.

xiv.  At the end of the examination, candidates should ensure that numbers of questions answered are entered in the order in which they have been answered in the space provided on the answer booklet.

  1. Any supplementary sheet used should be securely tied with a string on the inside of the answer booklet.
  2. Answer booklets and supplementary sheets should be perforated to enable easy attachment.