The library can be described as the nerve centre of all academic activities within the Polytechnic. The centre provides the numerous users with the needed materials as well as serene environment to support their studies.

The library renders quality services to all members of the Polytechnic Community and for all others with valid reasons to make use of our facilities and to project the Institution positively.

Takoradi Polytechnic Library

Library Structure /Services

The Library is made up of the Main Central library and four departmental libraries.

The Library works actively with Schools in selection of its literary resources (print and electronic) to ensure that specific needs of our users are met. Among the services provided are Inter-library loan (ILL), Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), Current awareness services, photocopying and electronic searches for users.


The library has state-of-the art facilities to monitor activities of users and to reduce the incidents of theft and mutilation of books and other library properties.

Electronic Library

The opening of the electronic library (e-library), saw an increase in patronage as more students and staff visited the library to use the facilities. With the introduction of electronic books, students and lecturers can now gain access to a wide range of digital materials in their subject areas. The set-up of the electronic library provides users with privacy and independent studies.

The establishment of an Institutional Repository in the library has also given members of the Polytechnic Community the opportunity to publish their doctoral and master's thesis by making them easily accessible to users for reference.


Two members of staff at the library (Messrs Michael Mensah and Kwamena Fynn) undertook a one-month Carnegie sponsored training course in Information Studies at Pretoria, South Africa.  This short but very intensive course will further enhance service delivery at the library.

Mr. Albert Intarmah, Librarian