Industrial Liaison


The Industrial Liaison Office is a department charged with the responsibility of co-ordinating industrial attachment/internship programmes and industrial visits (field trips) for staff and students in the institution.


The cardinal goal of the department is to ensure a smooth transition from the theoretical knowledge acquired by students in the lecture halls into the World of Work (WoW). The office is also responsible for the placement of staff and students in related industries or organizations to enable them acquaint themselves with current technological transformation in the work environment.


The objectives of the department are to:

  • help equip staff and students with the practical skills and knowledge in their major fields of study, via practical industrial training;
  • assist staff and students to acquire the behavioural   skills appropriate for the World of Work, through hands-on-learning programmes;
  • prepare students for job placement after completion of their programmes; and
  • encourage students to acquire and practice relevant entrepreneurial skills via practical attachment programmes and guest lessons;

Industrial Attachment Letter and Assumption of Duty Form

The letter for students’ industrial attachment and assumption of duty form are on-line which could be assessed by students from the Industrial Liaison portal on the Takoradi Polytechnic website. Students assess the industrial attachment letters and assumption of duty form using their index numbers and password on their registration chit generated by the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) department.

Placement / Follow-Ups

The office in collaboration with the academic departments of the Polytechnic places students in organizations, companies and industries for industrial practical training. The office arranges follow-up visits to internship sites, co-ordinates assessment and evaluation of students and periodically appraises the overall industrial attachment programme.


The industrial Liaison Office co-ordinates and helps with the assessment and evaluation of the students on industrial practical training. In this regard, Industry-Based Supervisors are made to complete the Overall Assessment sheet in the students’ log book for each student.

The School-Based Supervisors visit students’ attachment sites, supervise students and complete an assessment sheet based on their competencies, attitudes and behaviours in industry.

Students are required to present to their departments comprehensive report after every attachment exercise for assessment and grading.

Duration of Industrial Attachment/Internship

The total practical industrial attachment programme of six months duration is organized in two phases (end of second semester and end of fourth semester). It is compulsory and a required course for the award of Higher National Diploma (HND) and attracts a total of four (4) credit hours.

Competency Based Training (CBT) students undergo practical industrial training during the whole of the fourth semester. This attracts a total of fifteen credit hours.

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) students also undergo industrial attachment programme for the whole of the third semester for a maximum of fifteen credit hours.

Industrial attachment is regarded as a compulsory course, hence, a student is expected to obtain at least a pass in the industrial attachment programme before he/ she qualifies for the award of the final certificate.

Job Placement

Companies and organization interested in engaging the services of graduates of the polytechnic do contact the Industrial Liaison Office for the particulars of outstanding students for selection, interview and subsequent engagement.

Industrial Visits / Field Trips

The office collaborates with all the academic departments within the Polytechnic on matters regarding industrial visits or field trips.

Industrial Exposure for Lectures

The office in collaboration with the academic departments arranges placement in industry for lecturers to sharpen their knowledge and skills in their areas of specialization to enhance effective teaching and learning. Lecturers are expected to present reports to the department after the attachment exercise.

Industrial Attachment Seminar for B. Tech. Programmes

The office in conjunction with the office of Degree Programmes organizes seminar presentations and fora discussions on selected topics related to industrial attachment/training for students. Resource persons from reputable industries or organizations in the Metropolis are invited to chair and moderate the seminars. This programme is designed to enhance students’ preparation for their future careers.


Joseph Eshun - Head, Industrial Liaison Office
M. Phil., B. Ed.