Students are given the option to locate internship sites or organization close to their homes to cut down cost. Those without an option are placed by the Industrial Liaison Unit.  To facilitate the placement of students for attachment exercise, lecturers and liaison officers scout for placement in targeted organization and companies throughout the country to negotiate placement for students.Students can undertake industrial attachment outside Ghana. This is on condition that the office is notified at least four months before start of attachment, for the necessary arrangements related to industrial attachment are made to ensure that the exercise during the period is unhindered.  


Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation of students on industrial attachment are done mainly by lecturers and the Industrial Liaison Officer (supervisors) during the attachment period. Supervisors visit all the attachment sites in the country which are divided into zones

Insurance Policy

All students on industrial attachment are covered by Group personal Accident Insurance against any form of accident during the attachment period.  



The industrial liaison office in collaboration with the various departments assesses students on practical training. In this regard, organizations are made to complete a confidential report form for each student and submit to the liaison office of the polytechnic for coalition and final submission to the departments. The total practical training programme for HND students attracts a total of  4-credit hours.Competency Based Training (CBT) II programme for Civil Engineering students require a total of sixteen (16) credit hours of industrial attachment experience for the fourth semester. Students continue with a three-month (twelve weeks) industrial attachment which attracts a two hour credit as a top up of the sixteen weeks. Students pursuing Bachelor of Technology programmes undergo a total of sixteen (16) credit hours of industrial attachment exercise for the semester.Students write a comprehensive report at the end of their attachment exercise. The report, the daily log sheet and the confidential report from industry are assessed and graded for each student. 


Job Placement Service

Companies and organizations interested in engaging the services of graduates of the Polytechnic contact the Industrial Liaison Office for the particulars of outstanding students for selection, interview and subsequent engagement. 

Industrial / Educational Visits

The office collaborates with the four schools and the academic departments within the Polytechnic on all matters of industrial visits. 

Introductory Letters for Students’ Research Work

The office assists students with introductory letters to enable them carry out their project work in the companies / industries of their choice. 

Industrial Exposure for Lecturers of The Polytechnic

The office in collaboration with the Heads of Departments arranges for industrial attachment for lecturers to upgrade their skills and knowledge in their area of specialization to enhance effective teaching and learning.