Guidance and Counselling


The Guidance and Counselling Centre is a service unit of the Polytechnic established in 2006 to supplement and promote the well-being of students and staff through individual, group counselling and guidance programmes. The centre operates a three-tier counselling system, comprising academic, seminar presentation and routine activities.


The vision of Guidance and Counselling Unit is to transform the centre into a place of hope and comfort for students, staff and the entire polytechnic community through the provision of sound academic, social and personal advisory services that will make students self-confident and purpose-driven individuals.


The mission is to assist both students and staff to resolve or manage their personal, academic and other concerns.

Counselling Activities

The Counselling activities include:

1. Provision of guidance and counselling services to students and staff of the Polytechnic.

2. Research, preparation and delivery of seminars.

3. Provision of marriage counselling services.

4. Invitation of resource persons to give talk on issues relating to health, finance, HIV/AIDS etc.

5. Provision of career development counselling services relating to:

       i. Career selection and choice

       ii. Job search

       iii. Preparation for job interviews

       iv. Financial management

        v. Preparation for retirement for staff

6. Provision of consultation, orientation, appraisal, placement and information services to students.

7. Monitoring students and staff well-being.

Future Plans

Plans are in the offing to train the academic staff in the various departments on basic counselling techniques to enable them serve as academic counsellors to students. The academic counsellors will provide purely academic counseling services to students. Students with other social, personal or psychological problems would be referred to the counselling centre. The centre also intends to secure an office at BU campus to counsel students in the Business School.


The centre currently has four (4) members of staff that include professional full-time educational and career guidance counselors, a clinical psychologist and other supporting staff. The services of medical doctors, psychiatrists, financial advisors and other experts are sought when the need arises.