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Strategic Plan (2021-2025) | Takoradi Technical University
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Strategic Plan (2021-2025)

We are delighted to present to you the second Strategic Plan of Takoradi Technical University (TTU) 2021–2025. This forward-looking Strategic Plan, which has four broad themes and fifteen (15) strategic objectives, is the blueprint for TTU’s future development, and various faculties, departments and units of the University are, accordingly, expected to develop their strategies in line with the vision, mission and aspirations presented in this Strategic Plan. This Strategic Plan reflects TTU’s strategic goals and objectives as well as its commitment to the achievement of excellence through its core functions of creation, dissemination and exchange of knowledge through quality teaching, research, services and engagement with stakeholders and its host communities.

As a research-based Technical University, our focus is to continually engage in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, not only to make intellectual impact internationally but also to benefit humankind by holistically addressing societal challenges. Through community engagement, we shall articulate, develop and communicate an identity consistent with our core vision and mission. In this regard, we shall provide an enabling environment in which our human, financial and physical resources are appropriately geared towards the attainment of sustained excellence in teaching, research and service.

The Strategic Plan is a representation of the melding of invaluable inputs of TTU and its stakeholders. I thank all the key players for availing themselves for the process of consultation and drafting of this Strategic Plan. Specifically, I would like to thank the Strategic Planning Committee and also thank the University Council, in particular, for approving the document and for taking up the responsibility of overseeing and monitoring its implementation.I am sure that, with the collaboration of our talented staff, students, alumni and regulatory bodies - Ministry of Education, Ghana Tertiary Education Commission, friends and supporters - the goals we aspire to
accomplish will, in time, translate into milestones which we can all be proud of.

By investing in the future of TTU, we are investing to build a better future for Ghana, Africa and the world. I invite you to join us in strategically positioning TTU as a national hub of quality technical education and I thank you sincerely for taking an interest in the future of TTU.



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