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Vision, Mission, Objectives & Core Values | Takoradi Technical University
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To be a world-class Technical University recognized for excellence, innovation and societal relevance.

To provide technical education, training, research and consultancy services to our students and stakeholders for the development of the nation and beyond.

The objective of the University shall be to provide higher education in the engineering, science and technology-based disciplines, technical and vocational programmes, applied arts and related disciplines. However, Takoradi Technical University has dynamically positioned itself to focus on its two core faculties, which are Engineering and Applied Sciences based on the under-listed principles; 

1. Make higher education equally accessible to all persons suitably qualified and capable of benefiting from education and training offered at a technical university.

2. Determine the programmes of study by considering the multiplicity of scientific theories and methodologies.

3. Use competency-based and practice-oriented approaches in teaching, organisation and delivery of courses/ programmes.

4. Develop strong linkages and collaboration with relevant industries, businesses, professional bodies and technical experts in the delivery of programmes.

5. Offer programmes and courses within the mandate of technical university.

6. Provide opportunities for skills development, applied research and publication of research findings.

The Takoradi Technical University shall achieve its core objective mentioned-above through its Sections/Units, Offices, Departments, Directorates, Centres, Institutes and Faculties.

The University has the following core values which will be applied for the achievement of its vision:

Commitment: We are committed to the generation of technical knowledge that impacts on our internal and external communities for national development.

Integrity: We shall set up high standards of honesty and reliability through policies and environmental sustainability across all our activities for all members of the University for the achievement of academic excellence.

Teamwork and Collegiality: We encourage co-operation among all staff and associates as a means of building interpersonal trust for working as a team at all levels. We nurture and facilitate industrial relationships and research partnerships with local and international organisations which foster knowledge transfer.

Excellence: We shall aim to attain high professionalism, creativity and continual improvement in every endeavour. We never settle for second best.

Diversity: We shall provide equal opportunities for all categories of persons, irrespective of gender, social, economic, ethnic, religious and physical capabilities.

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